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Have a few unfinished projects? You are not alone....

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

You know those moments when you ponder on which project to start next and realize you have a few that are still unfinished? Well, you are not alone! Many of us crafters have those projects that lay around waiting for us to add the finishing touches.

While in the midst of a project I find myself needing a bit of inspiration on ways to finish it. The ideas I have put into affect haven't made the cut. I get stuck, lose interest, and feel like tossing the whole thing in the trash! There is a word for this.....


So... what is Crafter's Block? There isn't an "official" definition for it, but I will try my best...

Sound familiar? When this happens, I find that putting the project away and coming back to it later boosts my ideas and creativity. It's like smelling different candles and by the fifth candle they all start to smell bad. Try taking a short break, the third candle may smell a little better than it did before. Weird huh? Try it the next time you start to lose your interest in a project. Take a short break and come back to it later. You may see things differently and the ideas will start popping up like mushrooms! Hope this helps!

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