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Valentine's Day Box for School Kids

It's that time of year when the younger school-age kiddos are getting ready for the class Valentine's Day party! Along with the school list of snacks and drinks.. the roster of class names.. the Valentine's cards to put together... there is also the challenge of decorating the tissue/shoe box! Some of us will look forward to the challenge...and others... well not so much.


I met a mom who was going through this crafty challenge herself. Not for one child...but 4! She had 3 out of the 4 boxes decorated and ready to be carried to school. She was looking for ideas to decorate a box with a Minnie Mouse theme. So, as a crafter myself, I dug right into the challenge!

After searching Google and looking at what other crafting moms had done, I found a really cute box that met the challenge! Check it out! I have uploaded the finished project picture here. I have also added a Tutorial Page located under the About tab. There, you will find the step-by-step tutorial on how I put the box together along with the files I used that are yours to use freely. Hope you all enjoy! Post your own boxes/other Valentine's crafts you have made!

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