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  • 12 inch wire frame
  • Pink plaid deco mesh
  • Colored stripes deco mesh
  • Blue deco mesh
  • Foam board center

Pink and Blue Sunflower Wreath

  • Deco mesh or poly mesh is a manmade material. The material is waterproof and is available in a wide range of beautiful colors and sizes. The mesh is an open weave and sometimes the edges will fray, which is a normal occurrence.  Do not pull the frayed edge but gently snip the loose pieces away.

    Deco mesh is safe outdoors. You want to keep it covered from long periods of strong sunlight exposure which can cause the colors to fade. (All wreaths need to be protected from extreme weather conditions to prevent them from being damaged).

  • Store your wreath in a large box or large bag, a garbage bag will suffice but leave a hole to release moisture if placing in a very warm area.

    When storing your Deco mesh wreath, do not place face down or standing as the deco mesh shape may change and it will be very difficult to reshape the deco mesh once flattened.  Place flat side down (the side that would sit against the wall, door or window) to ensure the wreath remains the same beautiful shape as when you got it, and make sure the storage box or bag does not squish any part of the deco mesh.  Deco mesh is very durable and if given care and attention your deco mesh wreath will be a joy year after year.

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